OM’s connecting is hot!

26 Aug

I represent Miquette Bishop.  Her OM’s are wonderful handmade sculptures that everyone seems to love.  Last week Primavera, a fabulous store on Bowens Wharf in Newport RI had their first OM order arrive.  They started to fly out the doors as soon as they hit the sales floor

Miquette send friends soon!

Less than a week after the order arrived.  Just one OM remains.  Why???……Maybe its there uniquely handcrafted feel and appeal.  Maybe it is the price.  maybe its just that they are simply irresistable.  See the Om’s and the other RSG artists at RSG.COM 


Festival Fete, Pure Happiness

6 Jul

I recently realized I am a performance artist.  Jennifer and the boys are as well. Fresh off Circus Camp, we slid right into the Snug Harbor Parade to promote Circus Smirkus in RI. Dressed in Tutu’s, Handy Spandy’s and decorated with body paint, glitter and stars We worked the crowd with the infectious chant “You know it, You love. You know it you love it” Repeat 10 times each time louder and end with…..Its soooo Special. The peeps went wild for it and, oh yah…the free toys helpped with the crowd enthusiasm too.  We spread our special brand of love all over the parade route. I love a parade.
Enough about circus. Festival Fete’s next show is Aug 6th in Providence

Ming Hai Birthday Fete

16 May

Date night happens once weekly for Jennifer and I.  It is our pledge to ourselves and our sanity.  We try not to let our busy life get in the way and take over instead we embrace it and roll with the punches.

So this week we find ourselves closer to the first Festival Fete Show of the season and we are running out of time to canvas South Eastern New England with posters and brochures.  “lets start date night with 2 hours of canvasing Cranston, Warwick and East Greenwich.  Sound fun?  It actually is.  2 hours driving in the car with Jennifer is a pretty good place to be!

Great decks, service, accessories and more

Next up Birthday shopping for Malen.  He turns 7 tomorrow.  Yesterday we picked out a Skateboard Donut cake at Allies.  Yum cant wait for that.  Allies Donuts are so good that we recently put two check marks in the positive collumn when house hunting recently due to this houses proximity to Allies.

Malen will be thrilled with his skateboard from CiViL in East Greenwich.  We did pick up a few goodies from Toys r Us (the anti christ of stores in my opinion) to roun out the Birthday loot.

Nime chow with an amazing thick peanut sauce

Next up The prize of the night, Ming Hai.  With our Rhode Island Monthly best BYOB restaraunt guide in hand we made our way to Park Ave in Cranston for the most amazing $24.00 dinner.  Absolutely outstanding Vietnamese cooking.    The #33 shrimp, chicken shrimp and rice in a clay pot has me still licking my lips.

Date night makes me happy every week!

Sticks Flags on sale at OOP

12 May

Are you feeling patriotic?  I am!  I have been ever since seeing the reenactment of the battle of Lexington and Concord on Patriots Day.

To celebrate our Spirit Sticks is offering the original 3″ x 5′ wood burned and painted flag and the limited edition frame lithographs 10% off till May 15th or 781-461-9700 with questions or to order.  Order now at oopstuff

10% off till May 15th. Sale price $2880.00 10% off till May 15th. Sale price $600.00

I need the bottle

7 May

Of course you need the bottle.  What was I thinking!  My favorite customer story of the week.

This is just perfect she exclaimed.  We have a wine caddy and this is going to be just perfect for it!  Oh course I thought she was talking about the blown glass wine stopper $24.95 but no she just needed the empty wine bottle.  The shape was perfect.  So off she went as happy as can be with an empty bottle of wine and a wine stopper that I think she may have no use for???

I just love this empty bottle

Moms Love Sticks Furniture

3 May

Arrived today for your mom! $5000.00 this week save $500.00 when you say "I love my mom" Call 781-461-9700 to buy for $4500.00

Mothers Day is May 8th

3 May

lick the image for 50 great ideas from OOP for MomOr better yet click the image above for 50 great ideas from oopstuff for mom. Just a little reminder......Dont you forget your mom this week!