Taxing the Arts in RI

11 Apr
Art under fire! 
Sign up to receive email updates from RI CFA.  RI CFA is a fabulous organization that keeps me informed of all things art related issues in RI.     Follow the link toward the bottom of the post!  Did you know about Govenor Chafee’s tax proposal? 
I’m certainly not happy about an art tax and you can read more about it fruther down in the post but…….What does make me happy  is our new venture Festival Fete and continuing to work in an arena that supports the arts

tread lightly in felted shoes. available at the Garden City Center Art Festival June 11th

I'll be excited to see how this turns out! Save the date June11th

Did you know……….The creative sector is one of RI’s only growing industry sectors, imposing a tax on these industries undermines the environment in which the state is reaping a positive benefit. 
In 2009, this sector grew by 11% adding over 1,300 jobs.  In 2010, the number of  creative sector businesses grew by 14.5%, adding over 350 
Further, the state of RI’s investment into the creative sector is less than $2 million, reflecting a continual decline in the past 9 years.  Yet, for this investment, the state reaps over $500 million in economic return.  These funds function to plug other state and city services – such as access to arts education inside schools.  The Governor’s proposal to tax these educational services will create a negative ripple effect into communities throughout the state.

Read RI Citizens for the arts take on this issue

I hope to see you at the Festival Fete festivals this spring, summer and fall!

My wife Jennifer has started a new blog about Festival fete and Adventures in Merriment.  Click the photo to go on an adventure in merriment.

lovely stories and all the news that fits


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