Kids love OOP! Fill a basket full of smiles

12 Apr

Jennifer brings out the magic in every season and Easter is no exception.  Easter is a celebration of Spring for me.  A rebirth of the earth and everything on it!  A day to worship everything about the earth and its renewal.  Fabulous right!  At 6 and 9 an egg hunt in the back yard, set up by that still elusive Easter Bunny with goodie filled eggs and a couple of very special Golden (1) and Silver (2) eggs sets the tone of celebration in our home.  There is some serious praying going on in this house, praying  for Bikes.  I’ve come to realize that every bike we have owned has been a hand me down or reclaimed from the side of the road.   So with any luck the EB will hear our prayers and he will hop on over to Benny’s (if it aint there you dont need it), my favorite locally owned store on the planet and then hop on through the woods to the Riordan / Neuguth home.

Something you may not know about the Easter Bunny is…….like Santa he loves to shop at OOP

Diabolos. Amazingly fun and easy to master

The Diabolo is my favorite skill toy.  Annan is getting very good at it.  He is going to circus camp this summer and by the time he gets home he’ll be doing extraordinary tricks.  see the video below.  I cant wait to see what he does with the Unicycle.  He is just learning now

Spinning plates. $7.95 so much fun

The spinning plate is seriously addicting.  You cant stop trying to get it going from the starting position.  What makes it nice for beginners is you can always start it by proping on the stick and giving it a spin.  A true spinner will start with the plate resting vertically on the stick and spin and flip it into the center!

Handy Spandy's fantastic fun to wear

Everyone in our family owns a pair or two of Handy Spandys.  Worn by performance artists of all types for the support you need.  Spandys make you feel good and are perfect for swimming, biking, joggin, dressing up for no reason at all (which happens alot in our house)These spandys look like a basket of Easter Eggs.  They are sooper dooper comfortable and I for one look totally hot in them!  Boo-yah!

Watch this great video from Circus Smirkus circus camp for kids.  You can see tons more on youtube.

Dump truck is so green you can add compost it

Green toys are the most green toys on the planet.  made of post consumer everything!

Malen loves his Green Dump Truck and still plays with it regularly.  Sturdy and durable it just feels good.  No sharp edges here.

Home made suckers to die for

These suckers are absolutely fabulous.  We discovered the pop maker many years ago when we were at the Sundance Film Festival.  Jennifer was standing in line for them right behind the flying Nun and then we watched a film sitting next to Dennis Hopper.  Jennifer gave him and his 18 year old girlfriend each a pop.  How fun.  brush with greatness!  That night we went to an opening of his paintings at Sundance. 

fairy skirts

Hand made silk fairy skirts.  Let the world of fairy’s unfold in your home.   These hand dyed silk fabrics look good enough to eat.  Careful when you put them in the easter basket

A faulous book

I for one know how much two little boys love this book.  It is filled with design ideas and really cool paper too.  You can build planes that fly fast and straight or planes that loop or planes that hover or planes that……..You get the idea.  The beautiful thing about this book is the kids play with it for a week straight and the house is filled with planes everywhere (relax its just paper and its not that messy) and then it goes away for a month or two or three but it always comes back and it is always enjoyed for hours and hours and days upon days

So there you have a few early ideas for easter baskets from OOP.  I didn’t even mention woopie cusions, hacky sacks, pinky balls, pull backs, pick up sticks, paddle balls, baloon racers, sixlets, candy necklaces and a whole bunch more goodies to boot.  Hippity hoppity into OOP!

2 Responses to “Kids love OOP! Fill a basket full of smiles”

  1. Ben April 12, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Love it! I’m praying that the Easter Bunny is gonna leave a bike in my easter basket too…

    To anyone else reading this post, David is not kidding about the Spandys! I wear mine all the time under my shorts at the gym and as a fabulous costume for ROLLER DERBY 🙂
    Jesus would be proud.

    • oopstuff April 12, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

      Thanks Ben. Together we will start a spandy revolution. How many men in the world wear spandys????? Alot more now

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