Sticks Furniture makes me happy

16 Apr


Who and what is Sticks Furniture?  Sarah Grant is the creative genius behind Sticks Furniture and Object Art.  She is an amazing artist and she employees equally amazing artists to create amazing one of a kind furniture, accessories and object art in her studio in Des Moines Iowa.

Gorgeous Credenza with patchwork imagery

I have been selling Sticks Furniture and object art since about 1993 or 1994 at my gallery OOP.   Over the years, sitting down with clients or exchanging advice and ideas over the phone or by email has been one of my favorite things to do at OOP!  Yes you can customize any pc of Sticks furniture, no matter how big or small it may be.  And Yes, I can make the process easy for you so you can have a unique family heirloom to be cherished for

Our first Sticks Heirloom. Kitchen Table set we customized 10 years ago. We have also customized a couch and a game table set. Every pc is enjoyed daily!


Here are my 5 easy steps to customizing your Sticks family heirloom!
1.  Pick the item you want to order
2.  Pick your stain preference (do you want to see the grain of the wood or do you just want to see the paint?)
3.  Pick the color Palette ( do you like soft and neutral tones or do you like rich deep tones, pastels, jewels etc)
4.  Pick your imagery.  This is where it can get real fun.  Do you like a patchwork of images, a landscape, flowers, a simple painted surface or do you want the pc to tell a story of your childs summer vacations, your trip around the world or represent a time and place in your life?  Whatever you want we can make it happen.No this is not daunting.  I promise I will make it fun and stress free. 
5.  Pick your words or pick no words 

Table lamp

I follow these 5 easy steps with every order.   In addition to collecting  your ideas and helping to get them out of your head and onto paper I will collect from you (if necessary) digital images, paint chips and fabric samples.  I will also take notes and do sketches.  From there we review your order and I submit it to Sticks.  It is an exciting 4 to 6 week period as you think about your Sticks item being built and anticipate its arrival.  Then your order arrives and you unpack your family heirloom.
These pcs. illustrate how different the work can be based on stain and color palettes.  There are several stain choices and many color palettes.  Take a look at two of my favorites.

Lazy Susan for your table, Functional and Beautiful.

This lazy susan is an example of Birch Stain and the Elegant Color Palette.   The Birch Stain is almost clear so you see the grain of the wood coming through the paint.  The elegant color palette has vibrant colors but there is subtleness to the color especially when used with the Birch Stain.
Our top-selling item has been the lazy susan.   I can’t imagine life without our lazy susan.  That sounds so drastic for a happy guy.  What I mean is it looks fabulous and is so functional.  Pass the potatoes, pass the wine, etc.   The lazy susan can turn a plain pine or oak table into a Sticks masterpiece.  A great way to bring the rich art of Sticks into your home on a budget.
So now where are you going to put that lazy susan?  I have an idea. 

6 foot Kitchen dinning set

This table set  is a perfect example of black stain and the jewel color palette.  The black stain prevents any wood grain from showing through the paint.  The beauty of the table is the rich vivid paint.  The table set itself I feel  is perfect for today’s family.  The bench and the extension leaf make the table set versatile.  The bench (can save you money) takes the place of 2 chairs and can move around your kitchen as your kids read a book together or your friends enjoy a drink while you entertain.
Give me a call 781-461-9700 or shoot me an email
I’d be happy to hold your hand.  Giving you great advice on your order would be my honor and privilege. 

Sarah at work in the sticks studio



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  1. lifesafestival April 17, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    These are terrific tips…well done!

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