Easter 18 eggscellent gift ideas for kids and adults too

21 Apr
So here it is a not so comprehensive image catalog of all things Easter for kids and adults from OOP.  Yes we have some fun Easter Basket filler stuff, candy, toys, and knick knacks in addition to some pretty great handmade and retro toys, incredible jewels, hats, and fabulous gifts for mom, dad, suzie, charlie and everyone else on your bunny list!

ceramic flowers perfect for any vase or as a place card holder on your festive table $7.95


Maddening when you 6 year old beats you in the IQ test game $8.95

 Easter at oopstuff

Sterling Silver Floral Broaches by Elise Moran


New Mirrors from Sticks Furniture


Kind of scary I know, but not nearly as scary as the bunny at last years egg hunt

SMile on a Stick $4.95 

squeeze toys, harmonicas, kazoos, whoopie cushons and all the fun oopstuff filler you love

Easter at oopstuff 

most amazing Easter Bonnet ever


eye candy in your basket is a very good thing. Starting at $24.95

 Silly, sometimes sassy and certainly sensational

Tool box with all wooden actual tools for kids. Great for a tiny apartment too


Board book set from Jennifer Corace. Non toxic colored Building blocks

 Easter at oopstuff…eggscelent!

Crazy duck is better than a crazed bunny thats for sure $5.95


kids get creative with beeswax sculpting slabs, paints, pads and more


More rocks for your basket. $39.95 to $150.00

Moms rock, Moms rock, Moms rock!  Mothers Day is May 8th 

Balance rock holds your wine! $39.95

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